After Activate WP deals engine - Premium Dime Sale/ Clearance tab will display for main plugin .

Dime / Clearance / Evergreen

This settings allows you to enable Dime or Clearance Sale for this particular Deal.



Default is normal deal, nothing related to dime sale happen here.


Dime Sale:

This allows you to increase deal price when particular deals sale.



- Increase Price

This option allows you to use the Deals as dime sale. Just enter the amount you want to increase the price.

Example: If you want to increase the price for $1 after every 5 sales, then enter a 1 in to this option and a 5 in to the Increase Price Ratio option described below.

- Increase Price Ratio

Allows you to set the number of sales before the Deal price increases. That only works if you use the Increase Price option described above.

Clearance Sale:

This allows you to decrease deal price at particular time periods.



- Starting Sale Price ( $ )

Enter Starting Sale Price ( $ ) of deal, when you change deal price that time it will override default deals price by starting sale price.

- Minimum Sale Price ( $ )

Enter minimum sale price, Deal sale price decrements stop when it's reach at minimum sale price.

- Period ( In Days )

Enter the days after deal price will be decrease. the day are recursive ( for e.g. if you enter 3, it will be decrease price at every 3 days ).

- Clearance Amount

Enter amount in Flat Rate or Percentage, you can add multiple amount by plus ( + ) sign. The last amount will be deducted recursive ( for e.g. if you enter 1 day period and price 2, 3, 5. 1st day it will deduct 2, second day 3 and after 5 will be deduct recursively at every 1st day ).

Evergreen :-

Evergreen allows you to set same countdown timer for all visitor that all visitor gets same time for deal also it will performs expiry events means you can perform action after deal will be expires

For create evergreen sale type you should select evergreen radio button

Period (In Days ) :-

Give number of days for enable timer.

for example : if you select evergreen and add 1 days then in current time ( 2016-03-22 10:00:00) add 1 day means end time will be 2016-03-23 10:00:00 and counter will display base on evergreen rather then other radio button .

Expire By :

a) Expire visitors by cookie : Expire by cookie method create cookie for manage/store time stamp in visitor machine.


when visitor again visit page which contain single deal countdown timer the cookies with current time stamp will created, when user visit again this page time will be counted from visitor machine cookie.


b) Expire visitor By ip : Expire by IP method make a database entry with visitor IP address and time stamp.

when visitor again visit page which contain single deal countdown timer it will save visitor IP address and time stamp data, when user visit again this page time will be counted from database data for that particular IP.

Expire Method : -

When counter is expire that time what should be display in front side. So this plugin give facility either you can redirect to some other page or display image on that page.


1) Redirect to URL :

It allows you to enter redirect URL, It will redirect to particular URL when deal is expire or already it is expired .

2) Show image and redirect when re-visiting : for display image on particular page. In this If you want to select particular image for display image on that page otherwise set default image. Like,

It allow you to display image and after redirect to a particular URL when deal is expire, here it has default image and also you can select custom image for display your own image for every deal.

Note : Evergreen will make big user tables. So recommend for sites with just a few evergreen deals. Also Please click on "Clean Up" button to remove expired deals from user table.