Before Installing WP Deals Engine-Premium Plugin we need to know about amazing features of WP Deals Engine-Premium.

Here are just few of the amazing features:

  1. Integrated with Style Templates
  2. Automatically add tab dime sale while activate plugin.

The installation of the WP Deals Engine-Premium plugin is just like any other plugin installation from Login to your WordPress site and go to Plugins > Add New.

Premium Install Plugin

At the Install Plugins Page click on Upload from the top navigation and then click on browse. Go to the location on your computer where you saved the downloaded plugin zip file and upload this zipped file. You need to unzip the file first to get the plugin zip file. Now click on Install Now. Wait until WordPress has uploaded the file. If it's done click on Activate Plugin.

Premium Add Plugin

Wait until WordPress installed the plugin. After it's done, click on "Activate Plugin".

Now you should see a message “Plugin activated” at the top of the window.

Premium Activated