Override exiting template via child theme or template.

Override Existing Template

  • Create directory in your theme/child-theme root directory like woocommerce_wpsocial_deals/styles/
  • Copy directory which you want to override and paste in styles template.
  • Please do not change directory name ( you need  keep same name which template you need to override )
  • Change in deal-list.php HTML as per your requirement.
  • Also change in style.css as your requirement.

Create New Design Template

To Create new template please follow/below steps.

  • Create directory in your theme or child theme woocommerce_wpsocial_deals/styles/
  • Create directory for your design template ( Make sure directory name should be unique from all plugin , theme or child theme)
  • Create style.css and deal-list.php file in your template directory. ( File name must be deal-list.php and style.css )
  • Mandatory to add below code in  first line of deal-list.php
  * Template Name: Name of Template 

Your can use following variables in your deal-list.php file.
  • $deal_id - contain id for deal
  • $tab - show active tab
  • $column - show column which is set from backend
  • $deal_title - show deal title
  • $deal_url - deal's url on click of deal we will reach on that page
  • $normal_price - contain normal price without currency symbol
  • $sale_price - contain sale price without currency symbol
  • $disp_normal_price - contain normal price with HTML tag and currency symbol
  • $disp_sale_price - contain sale price with HTML tag and currency symbol
  • $discount - contain discount 
  • $deal_end_date - contain when deal is end
  • $featured_image - show feature image
  • $deals_save - show how much you save.

For show timer in your template you can use below function.


     <?php wc_deals_home_more_deals_timer(); ?> 


Now you can see your Template in shortcode popup styles template list and use it.