With Easy Digital Downloads - Deals Extension you can now create an unlimited number of Deals, Daily Deals, and Special Offers using the downloads you have listed in your Easy Digital Downloads powered store on your Wordpress blog.

Want to create scarcity based deals, daily deals, or special offers for your Easy Digital Downloads powered storefront? Look no further. With the Easy Digital Downloads - Deals Extension plugin you can create deals based on your own parameters using our ultra flexible settings which allow you to create deals and offers which fit your customers and your site.

For Installation Instructions please see the Easy Digital Download Engine Install Tutorial.


  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Can be customized for each download.
  • Create Stunning Individual Deals and Offers or Create a Complete Easy Digital Downloads Daily Deals Site Fast.
  • Show Off all Your Deals on "The Deals Page".
  • Variable Pricing - Showcase different pricing deals on Download Variations for each individual download listing.
  • Time Limited - Set the timer for your offer and watch as it counts down to the end, creating massive scarcity and a rush to buy before it ends. This tried and tested method works for a huge sales boost every time.
  • Limited Inventory - Set your inventory at a set number for your Deals and have them close automatically when you hit your sales limit! This increases sales like crazy.
  • Dime Sales - ability to increase the sales price after x amount of sales.
  • Upcoming Deals - Showcase new offers before they go live to increase anticipation and sales. Use normal or special pricing options.
  • Expired and Sold Out Deals - Increase the sales for your next offer by showing Time Expired Deals and/ or Deals which have sold out based on a limited inventory based offer.
  • Awesome Widgets and Shortcodes - Display your deals and offers across your site any way you want.
  • Optimized for Speed - Will Not Slow Your Site Down.