Q: Is it possible to add the deals title, deals price etc. to the voucher pdf?
A: yes, you can add following shortcodes in custom block of the voucher template.

Supported Shortcodes are :

{redeem} - displays the voucher redeem instruction
{sitelogo} - displays the voucher site logo
{vendorlogo} - displays the vendor logo
{expiredate} - displays the voucher expire date

{expiredatetime} - displays the voucher expire date & time

{vendoraddress} - displays the vendor address
{siteurl} - displays the site url
{location} - displays the location(s)
{buyername} - displays the buyer name
{buyeremail} - displays the buyer email
{orderid} - displays the order id

{orderdate} - displays the order date

{dealid} - displays the deal id

{dealname} - displays the deal name

{dealprice} - displays the deal price

{qrcode} - displays single QR Code for multiple voucher code(s)

{qrcodes} - displays separate QR Codes for multiple voucher code(s)

{vouchercodes} - displays the voucher code(s)

{payment_method} - displays the payment method of the order

{quantity} - displays the quantity of the deal item

{dealsshortdesc} - displays deals short description

Q: Why is a single voucher generated with multiple voucher codes when a product is ordered with a quantity > 1?
How do I generate multiple quantities of a voucher?
A: There is a option global settings "Multiple voucher". if you tick that option it will generate multiple voucher pdf.

Q: Voucher builder not working with enfold theme. why?
A: Please add below code in your theme's functions.php at the bottom of the file to make pdf vouchers work with enfold theme. ( Note: This code will not work in child theme. )


//Create global variable for builder
global $builder_object;

//Assign builder object to global variable
$builder_object = $builder;

//Add action for remove builder functionality from voucher templates
add_action( 'admin_init', 'avia_remove_builder_functionality' );

function avia_remove_builder_functionality() {
	global $typenow, $pagenow, $builder_object;
	$remove_enfold_builder_cpt	= apply_filters( 'avia_remove_enfold_builder_cpt', array( 'wpsdealsvouchers' ) );
	if( empty( $typenow ) ) {//If typenow is empty
		if ( !empty( $_GET['post'] ) ) {// try to pick it up from the query string
			$post		= get_post( $_GET['post'] );
			$typenow	= $post->post_type;
		} elseif( !empty( $_POST['post_ID'] ) ) {// try to pick it up from the quick edit AJAX post
			$post		= get_post( $_POST['post_ID'] );
			$typenow	= $post->post_type;
	if( ( $pagenow == 'post-new.php' || $pagenow == 'post.php' ) && in_array( $typenow, $remove_enfold_builder_cpt ) ) {
		remove_action('load-post.php', array( $builder_object, 'admin_init') , 5 );
		remove_action('load-post-new.php', array( $builder_object, 'admin_init') , 5 );