Required plugins

To use Social Deals Engine Multilingual, you need to have the following plugins installed and activated:

  • WPML 3.1.5 or above
  • WPML String Translation 2.0 or above
  • WPML Translation Management 1.9 or above
  • WPML Media Translation 2.1 or above
  • Social Deals Engine

You can get all WPML components from your account, under Downloads.Social Deals Engine Multilingual and Social Deals Engine are hosted in the WordPress plugins repository. Got all plugins? Let’s start!

Setting Up the Deals Pages

You need to have the standard Social Deals Engine pages appearing in all languages in your site. Social Deals Engine - Multilanguage plugin will do this automatically for you. Go to WPML->Deals Multilingual. You will see a message telling you that the store pages don’t exist, offering to create them.

Social Deals Engine Multilingual will create these pages with the available translated page titles. You can always change the page titles in different languages later. On this page, you will also see warnings about missing translation for taxonomy terms. If you are using taxonomy of deals or to organize deals into categories and tags, it’s a very good idea to have all taxonomy translated.

Translating Deals Categories and Tags

Most stores are arranged by deal categories. Some also use tags. Social Deals Engine Multilingual makes it easy to translate all these. First, create the deal categories and tags in the default language, using the standard Social Deals Engine editing interface. Don’t worry about translating them just yet. Hint: deal categories and tags are all stored as WordPress taxonomy. Social Deals Engine Multilingual includes a convenient interface for translating taxonomy terms. Go to WPML -> Deals Multilingual. This time, look at the other tabs on the screen. You will see a tab for each of the taxonomy that belongs to your store.

Each of these tabs includes a different taxonomy. Click on it to see all taxonomy terms and translate them. To translate a term, click on its label. You will need to enter the name, slug and description. The name is what’s displayed on the screen. The slug appears in the URL and the description shows on the WordPress admin, when editing. If your store includes many categories, or other taxonomy term, use the search function to locate them quickly.

Translating Deals

Now that your deal taxonomy is translated, it’s time to translate the deals themselves. First, create the deals in social deals engine in either the default language or one of the secondary languages. Don’t worry about translating them just yet. Create deals normally, as you do with Social Deals Engine. You can create standard deals, downloadable deals and anything else that social deals engine has to offer. Once your products exist, go to WPML->Deals Multilingual. This time, click on the Deals tab.

The deals table gives you a summary of all deals in your site. If you have many deals, you will see the in pages and can use the filter and search to reach the exact products you are looking for. The translation status icons help you find deals that are untranslated or need update. Click on the Edit translation links to translate deals. You will find a row for each of the translation languages in your site.

You can translate deals from the language that they were created in into all the other languages defined in your site.