The PDF Invoices Extension can be purchased here.

The PDF Invoices Extension for Social Deals Engine provides a complete system for generating invoices for all customers. It allows you and yours customers to download invoices of any purchases in a nice and easy way. This add-on is a huge asset for your website and allows you to tailor invoices for your websites with the customizable settings.

Installing the PDF Invoice Extension

After you purchased and downloaded the plugin, you can use the WordPress standard method to install it.

  1. The installation of the plugin is just like any other plugin installation for WordPress. Login to your WordPress site and go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. At the Install Plugins Page click on Upload from the top navigation and then click on browse.
  3. Go to the location on your computer where you saved the downloaded plugin zip file and upload this zipped file. You need to unzip the file first to get the plugin zip file.
  4. Now click on Install Now.
  5. Wait until WordPress has uploaded the file. If it's done click on Activate Plugin.
  6. Now you should see a message 'Plugin activated' at the top of the window.

After you successfully installed the PDF Invoice Extension go to Deals > Settings and click on the Extensions Tab of the settings page. There you will find the settings for the PDF Invoice Extension.

Deals PDF Invoice Settings

Upload Image

Upload your logo here which will show up on the invoice. If the logo is greater than 220px in width & 150px in height, it will not be shown..

Select template

Choose a template for the invoice.

Invoice Title
The invoice title that will be shown on the invoice.
Note: If title is not set, It will take "Invoice" as default title.

Company Name
The company name that will be shown on the invoice.

The name that will be shown in the from address of invoice.

Address Line 1
The first address line that will appear on the invoice.

Address Line 2
The second address line that will appear on the invoice.

City, State, Zip Code
The city, state and zip code that will appear on the invoice.

The email address that will appear on the invoice.

Show Website Address
Check this box if you would like your website address to be shown.

Header Message
The message you would like to be shown on the header of the invoice.

Footer Message
The message you would like to be shown on the footer of the invoice.

Template Tags

The following template tags will work for the Header and Footer message as well as the Additional Notes
  • {page} - displays page number
  • {sitename} - displays site name
  • {today} - displays date of Invoice generation
  • {date} - displays invoice data
  • {invoice_id} - displays the Invoice ID

Additional Notes Title
The additional notes title that will be shown on the invoice.

Additional Notes
Any messages you would to be displayed at the end of the invoice. Only plain text is currently supported. Any HTML will not be shown on the invoice.

Existing Invoice Templates

Existing invoice templates will look like as mentioned in the image below :

Blue Pdf Invoice     Default Pdf Invoice     Green Pdf Invoice

Minimal Pdf Invoice    Orange Pdf Invoice     Pink Pdf Invoice

Purple Pdf Invoice     Red Pdf Invoice     Traditional Pdf Invoice

Yellow Pdf Invoice

Admin Access to Previous Invoices

To view PDF invoices for past purchases, you can go to the Deals > Deal Sales page and hover over any purchase to reveal a "Download Invoice" link. Clicking that link will give you access to the invoice for that particular purchase.

Sde Pdf Invoice Admin Access

User Access to Previous Invoices

Users can access their past invoices by visiting their account page you have set up on your site using the [wps_deals_my_account] shortcode. When user click on "View All Orders" page, A new column will appear in the table with direct links to invoices based the purchase.

Sde Pdf Invoice User Access

And also user can see "download invoice" link in order page.

Sde Pdf Download Invoice