The Deal Vendors Extension for the Social Deals Engine allows you to turn your Deals site into a multi-vendor Deals marketplace. Now anyone can sign up on Your Deals site and create their own Deals and Special Offers using this powerful one of a kind Extension. You can assign existing Deals to Vendors, or they can add and edit their own. The Vendor Deals will also be listed on your normal Deals site, like your own Deals. So you can sell your own Deals alongside those of your Vendors. You have complete control over what commissions a vendor receives for each deal they create. You even have the ability to manually add new commissions and edit existing ones.

For more information about this extension, visit the Vendors Extension documentation.

User Interface

Regardless of their roles (e.g. Admin, Subscriber, or Customer), all vendor admins are able to add and edit their own deals as well as edit relevant settings for their vendor profile.

After the site admin has added your vendor profile to their admin dashboard, a login and password should be sent to the vendor’s email. With this information, the vendor can head to the login page of the WordPress site at to sign into the newly created account. This will give them very limited access to the actual WordPress dashboard but will allow access to following pages:

  • Deals listing page
  • Add new deal page


Deal Listing

When they view the deals listing page, vendor admins are only able to see the deals belonging to the vendor for which they are an admin. They will not be able to view or edit any other deals in the WordPress dashboard.


Add Deal 

By default, When adding deals, vendors can submit them for review. All deals that vendors add must be reviewed by site admins before they are published.However, admin can change this using the ‘Auto Approval’ setting in the Deals > settings > Extensions. if you choose auto approve option then all deals created by vendors will be auto published.

Important When vendors are editing a deal they will not be able to edit the commission percentage for it – only site admins can do that.



Commission cannot be changed by the vendor and will be set to whatever the site admin has delegated. These are manually generated by the site admin.


Vendors do not have access to these reports. However, the site admin can make sales stats available to their vendors by adding a shortcodes.