You can either edit an existing product to make it a Deal or you can create a new one. Go to Products > Products if you want to edit an existing or to Products > Add Product if you want to add a new one.

Then scroll down to the Product Data meta box as shown in the image below:

For the Deals price you need to enter your special price within the Sale Price option and then you also have to set a starting and ending date for this Deal. To do that, click on the Schedule link and enter a start and ending date.

Available Deals

If you want to restrict the amount of sales for this Deal, then go to the Inventory Tab and Enable Manage Stock and enter the available amount for this Deal within the Stock Qty option.

Social Deals Tab Settings

Woo Deals Meta Settings


Checking this box, will activate the Deal option for your Product.

Display Expired Deals:

When you activated the Deal option and the end date for the Deal is reached, then you have the option to either display the “Expired Deal” markup or your “normal” Product design. When you activate this option, then the design for the expired Deal will look like the Example here.

Upcoming Deals:

Checking this box will display the special price and disable the add to cart button for the upcoming Deal. If unchecked, the upcoming Deal will have the normal price displayed as well as the add to cart button which lets users buy the upcoming Deal for the normal price.

Deal Main Image:

Here you can upload the main image for the Deal. This is the image which is being used on the Deals overview page and a small size within the widget. This image should have a width of around 600px - 1000px, depending on your theme and it looks best, if the image is rectangular. Please just make sure, that all the images you're using for the different Deals, do have the same size in width and height.

Display on Home Page:

With this option you have the ability to add a Deal to the Deals home/overview page. When you set it to “Yes”, then the Deal will show up on the top of the Deals home/overview page.

Deal Type

It allows you to enable Dime or Clearance Sale for this particular Deal.



Default is normal deal, nothing related to dime sale happen here.

Dime Sale: 

This allows you to increase deal price when perticular deals sale.


- Increase Price

This option allows you to use the Deals as dimesale. Just enter the amount you want to increase the price.

Example: If you want to increase the price for $1 after every 5 sales, then enter a 1 in to this option and a 5 in to the Increase Price Ratio option described below.

- Increase Price Ratio

Allows you to set the number of sales before the Deal price increases. That only works if you use the Increase Price option described above.

Clearance Sale: 

This allows you to decrease deal price at perticular time periods.


- Starting Sale Price ( $ )

Enter Starting Sale Price ( $ ) of deal, when you change deal price that time it will override default deals price by starting sale price.

- Minimum Sale Price ( $ )

Enter minimum sale price, Deal sale price decriment stop when it's reach at minimum sale price.

- Period ( In Days )

Enter the days after deal price will be decrease. the day are recursive ( for e.g. if you enter 3, it will be decrease price at every 3 days ).

- Clearance Amount

Enter amount in Flate Rate or Persantage, you can add multile amount by plus ( + ) sign. The last amount will be deducted recursive ( for e.g. if you enter 1 day period and price 2, 3, 5. 1st day it will deduct 2, secound day 3 and after 5 will be deduct recursively at every 1st day ).

Evergreen :-  

Evergreen allows you to set same countdown timer for all visitor that all visitor gets same time for deal also it will performs expiry events means you can perform action after deal will be expires

- Period (In Days ) :- 

Enter periods in days, the periods start from when visitor visit the deal page and after this particular days the deal will be expire for the user.

- Expire By :

a) Expire visitors by cookie

Expire by cookie store the cookie in user machine for manage time periods for evergreen deal.


b) Expire visitor By IP : 

Expire by IP is store IP address of user in data table for manage time periods for evergreen deal.

- Expire Events : -

Expire events use to perform some actions when deal is expire. by default WooCommerce Deals plugin support two events as describe below:


1) Redirect to URL : 

It allows you to enter redirect URL, it will redirect to that particular URL when deal is expire or already it is expired

2) Show image and redirect when re-visiting :

Evergreen Events options

It allow you to display image and after redirect to a particular URL when deal is expire, here it has default image and also you can select custom image for display your own image for every deal.

Note : Evergreen will make big user tables. So recommend for sites with just a few evergreen deals. Also Please click on "Clean Up" button to remove expired deals from user table.

Purchase Link:

If your Deal is one for an affiliate product, then you can enter your affiliate link in to this option. This will then redirect the user to the affiliate offer, after he clicked on the button. This Deal WON’T be added to the shopping cart.

Claim Offer Link:

Check this box within the meta box setting to activate the "Claim this Offer" feature. If activated and the user clicks on the button on the Deal Page, then a pop up window will open.

Claim Offer Title:

This is the title for the pop up window.

Claim Offer Content:

Within this option you can enter any content you wish. To insert the HTML code from your autoresponder service, change the Editor to "Text" (on the tabs at the right hand side above that editor) and enter your HTML autoresponder code.


Add To Cart Text:

Allows you to customize the text for the Add To Cart button.

Available & Bought Box:

This option lets you disable the “Available & Bought Boxes” on the single Deal page. Just click on the check box if you don’t want to display how many Deals are available and how many have been bought.

Business Info



Business Information

You also have the ability to display Business Information with every Deal. For Example: If you create a site with Deals from local Businesses from your town, then you could add their Business Information to the Deal, which will be displayed underneath the Deal Content. 

Business Title:

This is the title which is being displayed above the Business information.

Business Logo:

You also have the ability to include the logo of the business. Just upload one using this option.

Business Address:

This is the address of the business which is being displayed on the right hand side of the logo.

Business Website URL:

You also have the ability to include the Website URL within the business info. Just enter the complete URL in the the given field.

Map Address:

You can also include a Google Map within the business information. The Map will be displayed above the business information and underneath the business title. If you don’t want to include a Google Map, then leave that field blank.

Map Popup Width:

If the pop up window within the Google Map doesn't fit the size of the Map, then you can enter a custom width within this option. Enter numbers only. Example: If you want the pop up window to be 400px in width, then enter only 400 in to the given field.

Popup Content:

Within this option, you can customize the content of the Google Map pop up window. If you leave that empty, then the Map Address will be displayed within the pop up.

Terms & Conditions:

If you have special Term & Conditions for this Deal, then you can enter them in to the given textarea. This will then automatically generate a link „term & Conditions“ and if a user clicks on it, then a pop up will show up and it does contain the content you entered in to the textarea field.

Social Like & Sharing Discount:

This options include some powerful features, which can take your Deals Viral very fast. With that you have the ability to give the users a discount, if they share your Deal on a Social Network. At the moment, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page Like, Twitter and Google+ are integrated.

You also have the ability to choose, if you want to give a discount for each share they do. Example. You could give a specific discount if they share the Deal on Facebook, then an extra discount if they share it on Twitter and an additional discount if they share it on Google+.

You can see such a Deal on the demo site here:

Sharing Discount Link Title:

You can enter a title for the Social Sharing Discount description here. This will automatically become a link if you also enter some content on the next option. The link title is being displayed on the Deal Page at the left hand side of the product image, underneath the Deal info.

Sharing Discount Title:

This is the title for the Social Sharing Description.

Sharing Discount Content:

Here you can enter the Social Sharing Description. You could also include an otpin form within this page and offer a coupon code, if they subscribe to your list.

Facebook Like/Sharing Discount:

Here you can set the amount of the discount you want to offer your users, if they like or share your Deal on Facebook. Enter numbers only. For example: 0.50.

Facebook Fan Page Like Discount:

Here you can set the amount of the discount you want to offer your users, if they like your Fan Page. Enter numbers only. For example: 0.50.

Facebook Fan Page Link:

Allows you to use a custom Fan Page for this Deal. If you want to use the one you entered within the plugin settings page, then leave that option empty. Otherwise enter a new Facebook Fan Page URL here. The must start with http://.

Twitter Sharing Discount:

Here you can set the amount of the discount you want to offer your users, if they share your Deal on Twitter. Enter numbers only. For example: 0.50.

Google+ Like/Sharing Discount:

Here you can set the amount of the discount you want to offer your users, if they like or share your Deal on Google+. Enter numbers only. For example: 0.50.

If you enter 1 in each of the above Sharing options, then the user could get an extra discount of $3 if he shares your Deal on all provided Social Networks.