You also have the ability to create Deals for which you're an Affiliate for. Select Affiliate Deal from the drop down menu at the top of the Social Deals Engine Meta Box as shown in the image below:

Social Deals Engine - Affiliate Deal

The Affiliate Deal contains only the General tab. Creating an Affiliate Deal is pretty simple and most is the same as creating a Simple Deal.

There's one additional field for the Affiliate Deal:

Purchase Link

Within this option you can enter you affiliate link, or cloaked affiliate link to the product page on the vendor's site.

If you fill out the Purchase Link, then the „Add To Cart“ functionality will automatically be disabled and when a user clicks on the button, he will be redirected to the given site from the link you entered.

This is a great way to promote Amazon Deals on your site. Amazon as Example does offer special Deals on their site from which you can take all the needed information to create such Deals.

This isn't only limited to Affiliate Networks. You could also contact vendors directly for example and then arrange a special Deal with them, which is only available for a limited time on your site.

If you have a site in the Internet Matketing / Make Money Online niche, then you could also contact us for a Deal for a plugin or a plugin bundle from us ;-)

The possibilities with that are countless.