Misc Settings

misc settings

Add to Cart Text

Here you can customize the text which shows up on the add to cart button on each deal.

File Download Limit

If you want the limit the number of times which a file can be downloaded, then you can enter the amount as number here. Example: if you enter 2, then the file can be downloaded two times from each user who purchased the specific Deal. If you want to make the downloads unlimited, leave that option empty.

Download Link Expiration

This option allows you to make the download link available for a specific time. If you enter 24, then the file can only be downloaded within the first 24 hours after purchasing the specific Deal. Leave it empty for no time limit.

Sales Per Page

Enter page limit for front side order sales page and backend deals sales page. Default is 10.

Show Register / Login Form?

Allows you to display the registration and login forms on the checkout page for non-logged-in users.

Disable Guest Checkout

Guests (non-logged-in users) have the permission to purchase any Deal by default. If you check this option, then users will be forced to create an account when they make their purchase.

Important: The purchase history can only be shown to users with an account.

Redirect to Checkout

By default, the products are being added to the cart using Ajax, which means the page won't be reloaded. If you check that option, then the user will be redirected to the checkout page immediately after he added a Deal to the cart.

Force Secure Checkout

If checked, force SSL (HTTPS) on the checkout page (an SSL certificate is required).

Enable Billing

If checked, the user needs to fill up billing details on the checkout page. Using this option you can enabled billing detail fields on checkout page.

Disable Item Quantities

Disable item quantities to be changed at checkout. User can’t change item quantities at checkout page.

Purchase Limit Button Label

Enter the text you want to use for the button on sold out items.

Terms of Agreement Settings

Terms of Agreement Settings


If enabled, then this will show an "Agree To Terms" check box on the checkout that users must agree to before they can complete the purchase.

Agree to Terms Label

Allows you to customize the label shown next to the agree to terms check box.

Agreement Content

Here you can add your own agreement content. This will be hidden as default and label becomes a link. When the user clicks on the label (link), then a new window will open, which contains the agreement content you entered.