One of the least known SEO and Social Media Signal tweaks out there is the use of Twitter Cards.  Twitter Cards allow you to enhance the user experience of your shared Blog Content on Twitter via the Web and Mobile Devices.

Twitter Card integration with the Social SEO Pro Plugin allows you to customize exactly what users of Twitter see when your WordPress Blog content is shared, thus increasing its effectiveness and not delivering random information to Twitter.  90% of Twitter users currently do not use Twitter Cards thus giving you an advantage and increasing the value of the content you share and Tweet on Twitter.

Before you can use the Twitter Card features for your website, you need apply for it on Twitter. Follow the link below, login to your Twitter account, enter all the needed information and submit the form. You'll receive an email from Twitter after a while.

Here is more information on Twitter Cards:  Get More from 140 Characters with Twitter Cards

Twitter Card Settings

Twitter Meta Tags

Twitter recently released their own meta tags, just like Facebook with Open Graph and Google with the rich snippets. The plugin will also add all the needed code for Twitter. The only thing you need to do is adding your Twitter account to your profile page. Go to Users > Your Profile 

and add your Twitter account and update your profile. You only need to add the Twitter user name and NOT the complete URL. See the image below.

That's all you need to do for it.

After you applied for Twitter Cards on Twitter you can activate the Twitter Cards for your website within the settings.

Twitter Account Website

Enter the Twitter user name for your website (Example: wpsocial). You can enter your personal Twitter username within your profile page (see description below). If you use only your personal account, then you can enter your personal account within this option too.

Default Twitter Account

Enter a default Twitter user name. This is being used, when no other Twitter user can be found for either the home page or any other post/page.

Default Twitter Card Type

Here you can set a default Twitter Card type for all your content. You still have the ability to change that within the meta box, when you create a new post. The plugin supports the following Twitter Card Types:

  • Summary
  • Large Image Summary
  • Photo
  • Player
  • Product
  • App

Default Twitter Card Image

Within this option you can upload a default image which is being used for the Twitter Cards, if the plugin can't find any images within your content or if you haven't uploaded another image within the meta box for the specific content.

Twitter Card Homepage Settings

You also have the ability to completely customize the Twitter card setup for your homepage if you don't use a static one. Just fill out all the info within the plugin's settings page.

Twitter Card Setup for WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads / Social Deals Engine

Social SEO Pro does automatically add the Twitter Card Type "Product" to all WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads / Social Deals Engine products. So you don't even need to edit your products to get the proper Twitter Card markup added. When then an user shares a product on Twitter the Tweet will look like in the image below.

Twitter Card Product for WooCommerce

Social SEO Pro will automatically use the products image. product price to add it to the Tweet and does also add an additional meta tag "WHEE TO BUY" combined with the name of your Shop to the Tweet. If the product has a special price, the plugin will also recognize it and use it for the "PRICE" meta tag.

The description for the product you see on the image above, was added manually. If you don't add one manually, Social SEO Pro will automatically take a snippet from the product's content.

Twitter Card Testing Tool

Twitter does also provide a testing tool which allows you to test the markup from your site. To be able to use the testing tool you need to login to your Twitter Account. Then choose the Twitter Card Type you want to test and enter the URL of your site or page you want to test with the tool. After that, the testing tool will show you the markup for your site/page as shown in the image below:

Twitter Card Validator

Note: In the many tests we run on that tool, we recognized, that sometimes the Twitter Tool doesn't work correctly or doesn't work at all. You might need to use it more than one time if that happens to you too, or just come back to the tool to another time.