Google Plus Publisher Markup

With the Google+ markup you're not only limited to a personal profile. You can also add a Google +1 page to your site. The plugin will add the needed meta tag to the header's code automatically.

1. Go to your personal Google +1 Profile. Hover over the Home icon at the top left hand side and click on Pages. If you haven't created any Google Plus Page yet, the screen will look like shown in the image below. If you already created a Google Plus page before, the page(s) will show up.

Create a Google Plus Page

2. Click on the "Create a Page" button at the top right hand side.

3. Pick a category for your Google Plus Page.

Pick a category for your Google Plus Page

3. Enter the info for your Google Plus page. Make sure, that you enter the link to your Website within the second field on that page to connect your new Google Plus page to your website. This will make sure, that the Google Plus Publisher markup works correctly. after you entered the info, click on "Continue".

Google Plus Page Info

4. Enter the info for "Story" and "Contact Information" and click on "Finish".

Google Plus Page Story

5. On your newly created Google Plus Page scroll down to the "Links" section and verify your website.

6. Copy the URL of your Google +1 page and paste it in to the Google Plus Publisher field within the plugins settings page (Google Authorship Markup Settings) and save your changes. The URL of your Google +1 page should look like the following one:

That's it. You don't need to add any code to your website for the Google Plus Publisher markup. SEO Booster will do that now automatically.