For the Facebook Fan Page Like Locker are no meta box settings. You only need to create a shortcode as described below to get your desired content locked.

Facebook Fan Page Like Locker Shortcode

Traffic Blaster Facebook Fan Page Like Locker Shortcode

This will be the message that appears above the Facebook Fan Page box when content in your post is locked. Leave it empty if you want to use the default message from the plugins settings page. 

Content Locker Expiration

Enter the amount of days, after the content locker should expire. If you enter 30, than the content gets locked after 30 days again (for all users). Leave it empty to use the default from settings page.

Box Color 
This field will only be shown when you choose to use LinkedIn within the content locker. Enter the URL you want users to share for the LinkedIn content locker. Leave it empty for the current post. 

Facebook Fan Page URL 
Enter the URL of the Facebook Fan Page you want users to share to get the content unlocked. 

Within the Editor you can enter any content you like to lock. You can use it just like the normal WordPress editor. All the content you enter here will be locked until users share it. 

Insert Shortcode 
After you entered all the information you want, click on the „Insert Shortcode“ button and the shortcode will be entered in to the normal WordPress editor with all you custom settings.