These are the default settings for the Popup Content Locker. You still have the ability to use custom settings for each popup locker you create.

Traffic Blaster General Popup Settings

Default Title 
The title you enter here, will be displayed within the popup window. 

Default Message 
This message will be displayed within the pop up locker window. 

If set to Yes, a close link at the top right hand side of the popup window will be displayed. 

Advanced Close 
Choose "Yes" to enable the ability to click outside of the popup window or use the escape key to close the it. If you choose "No" then the popup window can\'t be closed. 

The opacity of the popup background shadow in decimal format. 0.01 means light and 1.0 means black. 

Time Out 
This is how long you want the popup timer to run for before the window closes itself. Enter the amount in seconds. For Example: If you would like the popup window to close itself after 1 Minute, enter 60 in the box.