In the "Review Engine" Tab of the main plugin Settings page, you can set the site wide defaults for how you want Reviews to appear on your  Wordpress blog.  Understand that this can be customized and these settings can be over ridden on each and every individual Post, Page, and Custom Post Type you create.  This set of settings simply creates a set of defaults so you do not have to recreate them over and over again every time you want to add a new Review.  Some users might want to use these Default settings for all the Reviews on their site while others may not.  It is entirely up to you how you customize and use the Social Review Engine's features.  

Here is the Main Review Default Settings of the Social Review Engine:

Watch the Tutorial Video here to Learn How to Setup these Defaults Now:

Review Engine Settings

All the different options within this settings box are well explained within the plugin settings itself. Some of them need some more explanations and they are listed below. 

Review Text

Here you can give custom text for review default text is Review.

Review Form Location 
Here you can choose on which place you want the reviews to appear on your page. If you want to have the review form on a custom place, you can choose to use the shortcode for displaying the review form. If you choose to use the shortcode, then you would need to place it in to every post on which you want to receive reviews. 

Use a Custom Hook 
Some themes or frameworks, such as the thesis, do use their own code (actions) within their templates. If your theme does use them, then you can choose „Use Custom Hook“ within the Review Form Location drop down and then enter the name of this custom hook in to this field. For thesis you would use „thesis_hook_after_post_box“ (without quotes) for displaying the reviews after the content.

Using a Custom Hook within your theme You can also use a custom hook within your theme. This is only recommended if you know what you're doing. If you want to have the reviews on a special place added automatically to all posts on which you want to display the reviews, then you can use the following code within your theme: 

<?php do_action( 'review_form' ); ?> 

review_form can be any name you wish. Place that code in to the specific place within your theme where you want the reviews being displayed and then use, in our example review_form, within the Review Engine Settings Box and copy and paste it in to the „Use a Custom Hook“ field. 

Note: If you use your own hook and you have a theme, which you haven't designed yourself, then you need to be aware, that you'll lose this customization as soon as the theme gets updated the next time. So if you really want to use a custom hook and you haven't created the theme yourself, then ask the developer for adding that hook to the theme. With that you won't lose it again when the theme gets updated. 

Add Styling Effect to Images? You can choose to have a styling effect for the user images on the received reviews. Note: these effects do only work with modern browsers and don't show up on older browsers. 
Leave it empty to use the default styling. 

The different effects are shown in the images below:

Image Effects