Part of the feature set of the Social Review Engine Plugin for Wordpress is it ability to create a lot of Viral Traffic from each and every Review submitted on your blog.  That viral activity is created by the Social Connect features the plugin uses and the automatic social posting features which allow each Review Submission to be posted to your Facebook Fan Page of choice and your Twitter Account of choice. This in itself can create a lot of viral sharing activity for each review.  In addition to this, if a Reviewer has Connected to your site via the Facebook Connect feature of the Plugin then their Review will also be automatically Posted to their Facebook Wall.  This action can then be multiplied when additional visitors to your Reviews click on the "Agree" Thumbs up icon which also Connects to Facebook and Auto Posts information about the Review.  All of this can be customized in the Review Engine Settings and on individual Review Posts and Pages, but the Social Posting Settings here must be filled in properly in order for them to work. 

As described in the Tutorial for creating a Facebook App, a second APP is required in addition to the Facebook APP you created for use in the General Settings.  Creation of the Twitter APP which is also required for these Settings was also gone over in the Create a Twitter APP Tutorial.  Make sure you have gone through both of those Tutorials before completing this Step.

Fan Page Posting Settings

Note: It is IMPORTANT that you're creating a new Facebook App for the Fan Page posting. You CAN'T use the same App as you use for receiving the Facebook Reviews via Facebook Connect. The reason for that is, that you need to grant extended permissions to the applications which allows the plugin to post the received reviews on your Fan Page without the need of you being logged in to Facebook. 

Now if you're using the same App for receiving the reviews and submitting to your Fan Page, Facebook will then take your account, because you granted the permissions to the App of being able to access your Account anytime, and will use your Account for every review you receive. 

Follow the steps described above for creating a Facebook App and go and create a new one for the Fan Page posting and then enter the App ID and App Secret Key in to the fields within this settings box. 

After you have done that, click on save changes and then come back to this settings box and click on the „Grant extended permissions“ link to connect your Account with the newly created application. 

After you have done that, you'll be redirected to the settings page and you'll see a new drop down list which will contain all your Facebook accounts/Fan Pages. Choose one to which you want to post the received reviews to.  


Here is the Tutorial Video for completing the Setup of the Social Posting section of the Social Review Engine Settings:

Go to the Creating Facebook Apps for Facebook Connect and Social Posting.

Go to the Creating a Twitter APP for Twitter Connect and Social Posting.