The connection between Social Proof and Sales Conversions is one of the most powerful connections in Marketing.  With the Social Review Engine Plugin for Wordpress you have the ability to amplify and increase your Traffic and Conversions.  Through the integration of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Google Plus; you now have the ability to quickly connect with Reviewers and then take each and every Review posted on your blog Viral through the Social Media actions and functions created by the Plugin with automatic posting to Reviewer's Facebook Walls, your Facebook Fan Page of choice, and your Twitter account of choice.  Plus, you can also optin all Reviewers to ANY 3rd Party Mailing list like Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, and more.

The Social Review Engine allows you to create and/ or implement a highly customized Review solution for your Wordpress powered website and conduct optimized Reputation Management simultaneously.  With the Social Review Engine Success and Rewards system, you can display custom messaging and/ or Rewards to Reviewers based on the Rating they submit.  Good Reviews can receive one message and reward, while Bad Reviews can receive another.  This allows you the utmost flexibility in managing Reviews on top of already being able to moderate and approve or disapprove Review submissions.

The entire setup, messaging, layout and CSS can be customized to fit your Wordpress blog and your particular use scenario.  This plugin was built to work for any type of site and business.  From individual reviews for a single item to creating a full fledged review site, the Social Review Engine can do it all and can take Social Proof to the next level by creating more Buyer Traffic for you and your business.



The Social Review Engine Plugin has been adapted, upgraded, and modified several times to increase the number of other plugins and themes in which it will integrate.  While the plugin was built to integrate with all the WP Social products, it has advanced integrations built in to make it work even more seamlessly with the Social Review Theme and the Social Deals Engine.  We have also added to this by integrating with a few other high profile Wordpress products.  The Social Review Engine will integrate seamlessly with the following Wordpress products:

  • WooCommerce - SRE integrates and replaces the built in WooCommerce Review System and makes it better.  No other Wordpress plugin for reviews integrates with the WooCommerce ecommerce plugin as seamlessly as the Social Review Engine.  If you have a pre-existing site which already has Reviews via the WooCommerce system, you can import these Reviews into the Social Review Engine with "One Click" and not lose anything, but gain everything.  The Social Review Engine is an Approved 3rd Party Extension for WooCommerce and can be found in their Extension Marketplace.
  • Easy Digital Downloads - SRE integrates seamlessly with any Easy Digital Downloads plugin installation, providing EDD Users with an incredible Review solution for their EDD powered marketplaces.  The Social Review Engine is an Approved 3rd Party Extension for Easy Digital Downloads and can be found in the EDD Extension Marketplace.


*Use the Related Tutorials listed below in order to Install, Setup, and Maximize your use of the Social Review Engine Plugin.