Unlock your way to tons of additional Leads and Subscribers via the most powerful lead capturing plugin in our arsenal. Social Member Lock will not only allow you to create Social Network enabled memberships on your blog, it will allow you to use any content on your site, snippets or full pages or posts; as lead generating content. 

Social Member Lock allows you to run a full Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn Connect enabled membership on your blog and instantly capture the email addresses to your Mailing list every time a new member signs up to access your content via one of the enabled Social Networks.  In 3 Clicks you can have a new subscriber. 

Then when you publish new content, you have the ability to send a notification to all your members who have connected with your site via Facebook. You also have the ability to send out status updates to all your Facebook Members. 

In one of our user submitted surveys we had a blog owner use this plugin to get over 700 New Options to his list in just 24 hours.  That is the potential and power of this plugin.   

*Use the Related Tutorials listed below in order to Install, Setup, and Maximize your use of the Social Member Lock.